Former CCBA Officers

The CCBA is proud of all of the former officers who have volunteered their time and energy to make the Clackamas County Bar Association what it is today. Any corrections or additional information relating to Past Officers would be greatly appreciated. Please email:

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CCBA Officers: 1980-1989

1989 President: John Lowe Vice President: Roger Mundorff
  Treasurer: Nancy Tauman Secretary: Terry Gustafson
1988 President: Bill McDonald Vice President: John Lowe
  Treasurer: Len Kovac Secretary: Kathie Steele
1987 President: Deanne Darling Vice President: Bill McDonald
  Treasurer: Ron Nelson Secretary: Steve Colton
1986 President: Ken Stewart Vice President: Deanne Darling
  Treasurer: Bill Hedges Secretary: Clark Balfour
1985 President: Art Knauss 1st Vice President: Ken Stewart
  2nd Vice President: Brad Jonasson Secretary: Steve Maurer
  Legal Consultant: Deanne Darling    
1984 President: John Haub 1st Vice President: Art Knauss
  2nd Vice President: Jim Tait Secretary: Nelson Walker
1983 President: Richard Crist 1st Vice President: John Haub
  2nd Vice President: Peter Glazer Secretary: Deanne Darling
1982 President: John H. Hingson III 1st Vice President: Richard Christ
  2nd Vice President: Art Knauss Secretary/Treas: Mike Kohlhoff
1981 President: Paul Shultz 1st Vice President: Michael Montgomery
  Secretary/Treasurer: John H. Kelley    
1980 President: John Hutchison 1st Vice President: Paul Schultz
  2nd Vice President: Rich Crist Secretary: Deanne Darling