Former CCBA Officers

The CCBA is proud of all of the former officers who have volunteered their time and energy to make the Clackamas County Bar Association what it is today. Any corrections or additional information relating to Past Officers would be greatly appreciated. Please email:

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CCBA Officers: 1990-2016

2016 President: Larry Petersen President-Elect: Angela Laidlaw
 Secretary:Sarah K. Vogel Treasurer: David Robinson
 Member at Large:Jacqueline L. Alarcon Immediate Past President:Steve Kelly
 New Lawyer & Pro Bono Coordinator:Tom Noble   
2015 President: Steve Kelly President-Elect: Larry Petersen
  Secretary: Angela Laidlaw Treasurer: David Robinson
  Member at Large: Sarah K. Vogel    
  New Lawyer & Pro Bono Coordinator: Tom Noble Immediate Past President: Lisa Almasy Miller
2014 President: Lisa Almasy Miller President-Elect: Steve Kelly
  Secretary: Angela Laidla Treasurer: Thomas A. Noble
  Member at Large: David Robinson    
2013 President: William Knox III Vice President: Lisa Almasy Miller
  Secretary: Sandy Faber Treasurer: Thomas A. Noble
2012 President: Samantha Hazel Vice President: William Knox III
  Secretary: Sandy Faber Treasurer: Lisa Almasy Miller
2011 President: Diane Rader Vice President: Samantha Hazel
  Secretary: Greg Oliveros Treasurer: Lew Burkhart
2010 President: Dave Paul Vice President: Diane Rader
  Secretary: TBA Treasurer: Andrew M. Cole
2009 President: Jack Lundeen Vice President: Dave Paul
  Secretary: William C. "Bill" Knox, III Treasurer: Rachel Game
2008 President: Peter Glazer Vice President: Jack Lundeen
  Secretary: Sonya Fischer Treasurer: Dave Paul
2007 President: John Foote Vice President: Peter Glazer
  Secretary: Kathyrn Villa-Smith Treasurer: Bruce Shepley
2006 President: Kristen David Vice President: John Foote
  Secretary: Rhett Bernstein Treasurer: Greg Oliveros
2005 President: Tom Kranovich Vice President: Kristen David
  Treasurer: Samantha Hazel    
2004 President: Brent Summers Vice President: Tom Kranovich
  Treasurer: Sean Lyell Secretary: Ron Gray
2003 President: Rod Boutin Vice President: Brent Summers
  Treasurer: Mari Redman Ives Secretary: Daniel Woram
2002 President: Mike Walsh Vice President: Rod Boutin
  Treasurer: Kim Ybarra-Cole Secretary: Greg Horner
2001 President: Scott Healy Vice President: Mike Walsh
  Treasurer: Michael Nove Secretary: Abby Wool Landon
2000 President: Nancy Tauman Vice President: Mike Walsh
  Treasurer: Rod Boutin Secretary: Tom Rastetter
1999 President: Ron Thom Vice President: Nancy Tauman
  Treasurer: Susi Huva Secretary: Eric Tait
1998 President: Lenny Kovac Vice President: Ron Thom
  Treasurer: Steffany Hergert Jastak Secretary: Scott Healy
1997 President: Andy Eglitis Vice President: Lenny Kovac
  Treasurer: Andrea Anderly Secretary: Rod Boutin
1996 President: Ron Hergert Vice President: Andy Eglitis
  Treasurer: Ron Thom Secretary: Steve Vess
1995 President: Ed Latourette Vice President: Ron Hergert
  Treasurer: Art Sliniger Secretary: Karen Brisbin
1994 President: Gary McClain Vice President: Ed Latourette
  Treasurer: Tom Rastetter Secretary: Laraine McNiece
1993 President: Jim Tait Vice President: Gary McClain
  Secretary: Carol Anne McFarland
1992 President: Kathie Steele Vice President: Jim Tait
1991 President: W. Bradford Jonasson Vice President: Kathie Steele
  Treasurer: Mike Walsh Secretary: Renee Wenger
1990 President: Roger Mundorff Vice President: W. Bradford Jonasson
  Treasurer: Ed Latourette Secretary: Miles Ward