Wendy Van Luven

Over the past 13 years, Wendy has handled hundreds of hearings, litigated thousands of cases and taken over 40 cases to 12 person jury trials. Her practice focuses on two different areas, tackling civil matters for the residents of the community and working as a trial consultant for lawyers and law firms both locally and nationally.

Andrew Teitelman
President Elect

Born and raised just outside of Baltimore, Maryland, Andrew brought his fondness for the Baltimore Orioles and Old Bay to the Pacific Northwest in 2006. Andrew, his wife and three children reside in Clackamas County. Andrew has a general practice and works with individuals and businesses throughout Oregon and Washington.

Alec Laidlaw
Immediate Past President

Alec Laidlaw is an attorney with Laidlaw & Laidlaw, PC in Oregon City. Alec believes that litigation requires vigilance, diligence, and thorough preparation. Most important, it requires a cool head and laser focus on the client’s best interests. For Alec, fighting a court battle is a lot like a game of chess: “It’s about carefully planning every move, advancing your line forward, and cornering the opponent until there’s no place left for him to move. A lot of times that game is already over before your opponent even realizes it has started.”

Josh Cutino

Josh Cutino is a Deputy District Attorney with the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office, where he is a member of the felony property and drug team. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy where he received a B.S. in Political Science in 2008 and served five years in the Air Force before joining the Washington Air National Guard. Josh earned his law degree Lewis and Clark Law School in 2016. Josh was raised in Grants Pass, Oregon and enjoys spending his spare time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

Angie Russo

Annalise Oetken
Member at Large

Jennifer Dalglish
Director, Alden E. Miller Law Library

Jennifer Dalglish is the Director of the Alden E. Miller Law Library of Clackamas County. She has served on the CCBA Board, as a representative of the CCBA Law Library Committee, since 2002. Jennifer has also served as the CCBA newsletter Editor since 2002. Throughout the years, she has volunteered on various CCBA committees and managed the Administrative Assistant position, the website, the archives and the Oral History Project. She continues to serve on the CCBA Pro Bono Committee and also works with the Clackamas County Bar Foundation.